FBC Rio Vista would like to thank you for allowing your child(ren) to attend our Wednesday night Please take a few moments to register your kids.   We would like to have parents contact information.
Just click to register, you will enter your name first and then prompt next to enter contact information and Students information
Kindergarten – 6th Grade: Parents will need to pick up their child at 6:00 p.m.
Youth: 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Guidelines for Wednesday Night Children & Youth Activities                     

 All children and youth will be required to check-in upon arrival. Their name, telephone number and the contact information for a parent or guardian will be required.

Once a child is on church property and has signed in, they are expected to stay until class is over at 6:00 P.M., unless they have permission from a parent or guardian to leave

Discipline—Use of foul language, gestures or disruptive behavior will be reported to the Youth Director and Pastor. If the situation continues, there will be a 1 or 2 week suspension. 




We request that when picking up your children after church to please park in the school parking lot located on the south side of the church. Please do not park or pick up children along the street. This request is for the safety of your child as we can watch for them to cross the street without parked cars blocking the field of view, and to make sure they are getting into the correct vehicle. The VOLUNTEERS at the church that watch your children have been doing this for many years and we feel that we have a good plan that works. One thing we know for certain is that it does not work for parents to pick up children along the roadway as we cannot be for certain who is picking them up. Parents need to keep in mind that church is over at 6:00 P.M. and prompt pick up is appreciated.

First Baptist Rio Vista Youth Policy

While trying to create fun, relevant, and exciting activities for the students, we must also create a
safe environment where students can grow and exercise their faith. Therefore, we have created
policies to address expected behavior. At all times, we will maintain healthy boundaries with
regard to personal property, personal space and personal integrity. These policies are not meant
to curb the enjoyment or creativity of students or adults (volunteers or employees). We expect
everyone to learn, remember, and abide by the policies, and we hope that we will not have to use
the disciplinary actions outlined (though we are prepared to do so). We have found that when
everyone knows what is expected of them, we have very few problems and are able to create the
warm and nurturing environment described above.
Youth or Family Ministry Activities: All official First Baptist Rio Youth Ministry or Family Ministry
events and meetings will be published in writing, either electronically, or on an info sheet specific
to that event. (While we encourage and support student- and parent-organized gatherings of our
students outside of church, we cannot and do not assure parents that these informal gettogethers, private parties, and group outings will follow the procedures and standards described
here, even if adult youth leaders are present.)
Inappropriate Behavior and Discipline/Correction: NO physical discipline of any kind is
permitted at any time. Whenever possible, inappropriate student behavior (including the examples
listed below) will be addressed by adult leaders away from the group. The first-time inappropriate
behavior occurs, disruptive students will be warned and/or separated from their friends. After
being warned or separated on any given week, if the student continues with the negative behavior,
the student will be asked to leave the meeting/event and an adult worker will phone the
parents/guardians to pick up the student early. If, when the student returns the next time, he or
she continues the disruptive pattern, the student will be given a cooling off period away from the
youth ministry activities for two weeks. If the student causes further disruption after the cooling off
period, he or she may be, at the discretion of the Director of Youth Ministry and/or the Senior
Pastor, suspended for up to 1 year from any future youth activities. Inappropriate behavior that
requires discipline and/or correction includes, but is not limited to the following:
 Disruptions during activities, meetings, study time, prayer time, and worship. We
are able to have a good time, joke, and have fun in our meetings. Some students, however,
occasionally get carried away and disrupt our meetings, causing other students to be
distracted from the teaching.
 Leaving the supervisory presence of the youth ministry staff. Sometimes students try
to leave the supervisory presence of adult workers so they can avoid group activities, talk
on the cell phone, or leave the premises. We cannot allow this behavior because parents
trust us to be responsible custodians of their children, and we can’t be responsible when
students have left our presence.
 Divisiveness and arguing. Arguing and contention is typical with teenagers and a certain
amount is tolerated. We do not tolerate arguing and contention that begins to affect the
overall unity and mission of the group. Even small pockets of division can have major
effects on the group, destroying the collective witness of the Body of Christ.
 Bullying, Hazing, and Pranks. Parents need to know they are leaving their child in a safe
environment. Examples of bullying or hazing behavior include tying someone to a chair,
saran wrapping them to a bed, unannounced pranks, requiring them to perform a deed
that they would not normally perform, slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendos, demeaning
comments, drawing cartoons, or gestures.
 Profanity. Profanity or inappropriate innuendos are not permitted.
 Physical Displays of Affection. We do not permit tickling, wrestling, piggyback rides, or
inappropriate touching (touching anywhere that a bathing suit would normally cover). In
addition, physical displays of affection such as kissing, full body hugs, sitting on laps, or
lying or sleeping next to each other (pertains to opposite sex) or being isolated and alone
with another student is not allowed.
 Inappropriate Use of Electronic Devices. Electronic devices tend to cause disruptions
in meetings, quarrels between students, or isolation of individuals. Therefore, the use of
cell phones, iPods, camera, or other personal electronic or entertainment device is
prohibited during activities and worship. During special designated times, the ministry staff
may allow the use of these devices. The ministry staff does not take any responsibility for
the safe return of these items. Devices used during undesignated times will be confiscated
until the end of the meeting, event or activity.
 Teen drivers. Teen drivers are not allowed to carry other teen passengers to a youth
ministry meeting, activity, or trip without prior written consent from a parent or guardian.
Sibling passengers are at the discretion of the parents and do not require written
permission. Teen drivers are not allowed to drive along with or behind a group on youth
Unacceptable Behavior:
 Illegal drugs and alcohol. If a student comes to any youth ministry activity and is a)
noticeably under the influence of drugs or alcohol or b) has possession of illegal drugs
and alcohol, we will immediately report the incident to the student’s parents, send the
student home, and, at the discretion of the Director of Youth Ministry and/or the Senior
Pastor, enforce a suspension from youth activities for up to 1 year. When required by law,
the police and/or other authorities will also be contacted.
 Tobacco. If a student uses or possesses tobacco products (including Vapes), the tobacco
will be taken away and destroyed. The student’s parents will also be notified. Upon a
second tobacco violation, the Director of Youth Ministry and/or the Senior Pastor may
exercise discretion to enforce a suspension from youth activities for up to 1 year.
 Weapons. Weapons are not allowed at any First Baptist Rio event. If a student has a
small pocketknife and it is seen, they will be given a warning. If a weapon or knife is being
used to show off or threaten, then law enforcement will be called and the student will be
suspended for a period of time determined by the Director of Youth Ministry or the Senior
Pastor at his/her discretion.
 Fighting. Physical violence will not be tolerated.
 Sexual harassment. Unwanted sexual behavior will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment
may take many forms including, but not limited to, physical contact (like grabbing or
pinching), sexual comments, and unwanted communication (direct or virtual). Some flirting
between students is normal and adult staff and volunteers will use their discretion to
determine when actions have gone beyond flirting and constitute sexual harassment.
Injury/Illness: While in our care, students with very minor concerns (headache, small cut, “not
feeling good”) will be treated by adults with bandages, water, rest, Tylenol or Advil if the student
requests it. Any significant injury or illness will be reported to a parent immediately for guidance
on further action. A first-aid kit is always on hand, and a youth worker with training in first aid is
usually present as well.

Money: When money is turned in for an event it will be recorded on a spreadsheet with the
student’s name and then signed by two adults before being turned into the church office for
deposit. Money given at fundraisers will be counted and recorded by two unrelated adults. Checks
can always be made out to the church. We work hard to remember that finances, for families and
for the church, are limited. We plan our programming with this fact in mind. Despite our efforts to
keep events affordable, we also realize that the costs associated with our events can be a
hardship for some families. So we do provide scholarships. Please ask the Director of Youth
Ministry about the availability of scholarships.
Parent Release Forms: A church-provided form that includes emergency contact information
and parental consent is to be completed for each participant, and kept with the event leader, for
any event or activity that involves church-provided transportation, an overnight stay, or an event
that could be considered dangerous (skiing, rock climbing, paintball, etc).
Safety: We love to have fun. But the safety of our students (and adults) is always considered,
and takes priority over any other motive for programming decisions. Some rough games may be
an occasional part of our programming (e.g., races, basketball, Ultimate frisbee) that may result
in a scraped knee, or even a bumped head, but no inherently dangerous or reckless activity will
ever be included in our programming. In addition, rough games will always be announced in
advance and no student will ever be required to participate. We work hard to take appropriate
precautions to ensure the safety of all involved at all times.
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