We believe in Kids! First Baptist’s Children Ministry exists to teach children about Jesus. 85% of all people who accept Jesus as their Savior will do so before they graduate high school and most of those will do so before they reach 13 years old.        First Baptist gives children the opportunity to discover Jesus through Vacation Bible School. Wednesday night Discipleship, Sunday School and Children’s Church every  Sunday morning, and summer camps. We also have a variety of children’s activities throughout the year. Our BIG community event is the Fall Festival on October 31st. We believe in keeping your children safe that is why all children teachers and workers have had the required background check.
If you would like more information on FBC’s Children’s Ministry contact the church office at  817-373-2352
You can also find out more information on FBC Childrens facebook page


Jesus says: “Come as you are.” 

So we as a Youth group strive to love youth where they are. To encourage them to develop their relationship to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to provide opportunities for spritiual   growth, to equip and challenge them to respond to God’s call to serve in their communties.

Our Men’s Ministry is designed to help the men of the church meet our calling to be the spiritual leaders of our families and examples to the community while growing in Christ through fellowship with one another. We look forward to the Men’s Ministry getting involved in projects, mission trips, and assisting the elderly. We have men’s fellowship activities such as golf, fishing, campouts, father and son events and family events
If you or someone you know has some work around your home that you are unable to do, the men’s ministry would like to serve. Please contact our church office if we can help.


To live our lives as Godly women:
  • A Godly woman is a woman of noble character.
  • She is a hard worker.
  • She takes care of her family.
  • She is generous to the needy.
  • If married, she enhances the reputation of her husband because of her character.
  • She has a good outlook on life.
  • She is wise and speaks wisdom to others.
  • Above all, she fears God-knows God, is growing, and seeks first His kingdom.
(Proverbs 31)
Activities include conferences, retreats, bible studies, and just good old fashion fellowship.. For more information on the women’s ministry contact the church office at            817-373-2352.


Our God truly deserves all the glory, all the honor and all the praise!
At First Baptist Churh Rio Vista, it is our goal to present the opportunity to worship the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind.  We do this by blending traditional hymns with contemporary songs and choruses.  It is not about which songs you sing, but all about the heart that you sing with.